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July 31, 2002

During our foray into town

During our foray into town over the weekend, we also saw Lovely and Amazing. Catherine Keener plays an emotionally stunted woman - her way of dealing with unfortunate situations is by telling people to "Fuck off!" I laughed, sometimes nervously, because I can so relate sometimes. Not that I would really deal with people like that, because that's just not how people should talk to each other - such a word is powerful and aggressive. That doesn't mean that when I'm alone I won't swear like mad.

Scott used to share his office with a German colleague who used the F-word a bit too freely, often to comic effect. "Do I need to study that for the exam?" a student would ask. "Aww, fuck nooo." (Insert breezy German accent.) I don't think he ever quite got that such language isn't generally part of one's public vocabulary - but the rest us giggled like mad. After all, he'd never talk like that in German. I think.

The last of John Nash, I promise. Wired offers an overview of the game theory conference. (Thanks, Liz!)

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